APL Evidence

1. Frisco Monk

Contextualising Notes:

Over the past 15 years I have performed as a functions and events singer, both as a solo act and as part of bands. This video is of a band that I started called Frisco Monk. I am the lead singer. I started the band because I was sick of playing in other functions bands where the set list was dictated by the agency or management company. My time in this band developed my singing voice as I learned how to sing songs by Sister Sledge, Chaka Kahn, Jocelyn Brown and other incredible singers. This band challenged my abilities and made a better performer and technical vocalist. It also taught me that I don't have to compromise in order to earn money from doing what I love. I learned that by developing a band in a niche market I could stay true to my own musical passions and demand better rates of pay that were more appropriate for my level of experience and expertise.

2. Outlander Trailer

Contextualising Notes:

My work with music libraries and production companies such as Alibi Music, Gargantuan, Black Hydra, Deqoy etc. has taught me first and foremost how to be a better songwriter. How to be less precious about my lyrics. How to find the right phrase, rhyme, tone, sentiment. How to write to a brief. How to write to incredibly tight deadlines. How to use my voice in different ways depending on style and context. How to imitate other singers. This work continues to challenge me as trends in advertising and trailer music change, and as I learn which songs land me the best syncs. This video is of a song that I wrote and sang on that was used in a trailer for an Outlander episode.

3. Originals Music

Contextualising Notes:

 After about a 10 year hiatus from playing my own original music live I have recently written and mostly recorded a new album that is due for release this year. The first album I recorded at the age of 16 was a huge and expensive learning curve. To be quite honest the whole experience put me off of the originals scene for a long time. This year I have been using what I have learned in the past decade about the recording industry and the changing nature of the music industry in general to inform my decisions about who to record with, what to record, and how to release my new album. I continue to learn this year as I research different ways to release music in 2020 and as I discover bands that are inspiring me to stay true to my own artistic integrity and as I find ways of releasing and marketing music without buying into the chaos of social media. This video is from a recent gig supporting Matt Cardle at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds.